Getting there

By plane

Although Cordoba has an airport, regular flights are not available. Major cities served by airports such as Malaga, Madrid and Seville are not far away. Malaga (1 hour by train or 2 hours by car), Madrid (1 hour and 45 minutes by train or 3½ hours by car) and Seville (45 minutes by train or 1 hour and 15 minutes by car) are well connected with Cordoba.

By car

From Madrid: Autovía N-IV (National Highway). 348 kilometres. Travel time: 3 ½ hours.

From Seville: Autovía N-IV. 140 kilometres. Travel time: 1 hour 15 minutes.

From Malaga: Autovía N-331. 161 kilometres. Travel time: 2 hours.

By train

From Madrid: AVE high-speed train. Travel time: 1 hour 40 minutes.

From Seville: AVE or AVANT. Travel time: 45 minutes.

From Malaga: AVE or AVANT. Travel Time: 1 hour.


By bus

The Alsina Graells bus service departs from Madrid seven times a day.




Cost of living in Cordoba

Going out

A beer: €1.60 – €2.00

A glass of wine: €2.00

Entry to a discotheque or nightclub: free – €8.00

Cinema ticket: €6.50 (up to 1 euro discount with student ID card)


One-way bus trip: €1.10

10-trip bus pass (Bono-bus): €6.50

10-trip student bus pass: €5.20

Eating and drinking in Cordoba

A litre of beer: €1.30

A bottle of water (2l): 40 cents

Baguette: 80 cents

A carton of milk: 60 cents

A cup of coffee/tea: €1.00

Toast: €1.00

An ice-cream: €2.00

Sandwich: €3.00

Daily lunch special: €8.00


Entry ticket to the Mosque: €8.00

Entry ticket to the Alcázar: €4.00

Entry ticket to Medina Azahara: FREE (for EU citizens)


Jeans: €20.00 – €35.00

T-shirt: €10.00 – €15.00

Shoes: €15.00 – €30.00

International press: €2.00

Rental accommodation

Shared flat with other students: €180 a month.

Room in a university residence hall: €150 – €600 a month.

Room in a shared flat with an elderly person: FREE.